Sitting Pretty


The clean lines of this tight fit cover create a classy, elegant look. Fits most banquet chairs.

Available in white, black, ivory, navy & silver


Fits straight-back banquet chairs like those at  Amway Grand Plaza and Thousand Oaks, Stonewater and Sunnybrook country clubs.

Available in white


Specialized Chair Covers


Molded Plastic spandex Cover

An elegant cover for molded plastic chairs, such as those at the John Ball Zoo Treehouse.

Available in white

molded plastic Slip cover

This custom cover slips over molded plastic chairs with armrests, such as those at Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.

Available in white & ivory


Spandex Folding Chair Cover

Achieve an elegant look even with metal and plastic folding chairs. Fits those at the Masonic Temple, The Waldron, and Holland Fish & Game Club.

Available in white


standard slip cover

This loose fit cover creates a shabby chic look. Fits most banquet chairs as well as shorter profile conference-style chairs.

Available in white


Now, Select a Sash

With hundreds of sashes in stock, we have the perfect option for your event. Organza, taffeta, satin or spandex? It's your choice!

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